Claire Miller
Claire Miller

Character From:

Lizzie McGuire


Claire Miller

First Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Davida Williams

Claire Miller was a recurring character on Lizzie McGuire.


Claire is a cheerleader and Kate's new best friend. Claire is a lot meaner than Kate and Gordo was also shown to have a crush on her. Claire is sometimes hard on Kate and pressures her not to become friends with Lizzie and Miranda again. She was first seen on "Rumors" when she judged Lizzie for the cheerleading squad. Claire ran for class president in the episode "Election", but lost to Larry Tudgeman. Claire also shops with her mum, Mrs. Miller. Claire was also friends with Brooke, Gordo's former girlfriend. Claire was also in Lizzie's science class. Claire, Kate and Larry also participated in Fact-athalon, and won. Claire is known as "Clean Tween" as shown in the episode "Dear Lizzie." Claire is very pretty and popular, always wearing cool clothes and re-accessorising between classes. She is usually shown her hair clips and headbands.