Gus Griswald
Gus Griswald

Character From:

Recess: School's Out
Recess: All Growed Down
Recess: Taking the 5th Grade
Recess Christmas: Miracle at Third Street


Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald


Colonel Griswald (Father)

First Appearance:

The New Kid

Portrayed By:

Courtland Mead

Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald is one of the six main characters and was originally the newest member of the Recess gang, although it is revealed in Recess: All Growed Down that he actually knew the gang in Kindergarten. Gus is Polish-American.


Gus is a good natured, if occasionally naive, boy, as his recent attendance at Third Street made him aware of the school's traditions such as the kindergarten derby. He is also a master at dodgeball and has been been beaten under a pseudonym of El Diablo (Spanish for "The Devil"). During his tenure at an old school he attended, he gave up on dodgeball after an incident in which he accidentally threw a ball at a small boy, leaving the boy too afraid to go in the playground.

Gus often calls his dad "Sir". Gus sometimes is paranoid and usually power goes to his head. In "King Gus" he became King Of The Playground and he began bossing the other children around and creating a "cookie tax". In "Germ Warfare" he wanted to get rid of germs and disinfect the world, thinking that all germs are evil, which put him in conflict with Mikey, who treated germs as friends.

Gus is slender and is the shortest of the group. He has a short crop of blonde hair. He is usually dressed in a green shirt, dark green pants and brown shoes. He also wears grey square-shaped glasses.