Kate Sanders
Kate Sanders

Character From:

Lizzie McGuire
The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Kate Sanders

First Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Ashlie Brillault

Kate Sanders is a recurring character on Lizzie McGuire.


Kate's the most popular girl in Lizzie's school who's on the captain of their school cheerleading squad. Originally, one of Lizzie and Miranda's best friends, Kate became popular because she got a bar after summer camp was over; as a result of her new-found popularity, Kate becomes Lizzie's enemy. Kate enjoys trying to make Lizzie's life miserable, but Lizzie always manages to outsmart Kate and come out on top. While Kate was mean to Lizzie in the series, she helps her out and becomes Lizzie's friend again in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. 

In the episode "I've Got Rhythmic", it's shown that Kate stinks at rhythmic gymnastics and gets jealous when she sees that Lizzie is extremely good. It's rather ironic that Kate would stink at something like that, since she's on the cheerleading squad and that gymnastics in general is a huge part of cheerleading.

It is revealed in "The Untitled Stan Jansen Project" that Kate's biggest secret (which she revealed to Claire) was that she got held back in Kindergarten, so she's actually a year older than everyone else in their grade.

In the movie, she helps Lizzie and they become friends again.