Matt McGuire
Matt McGuire

Character From:

Lizzie McGuire
The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Matthew "Matt" McGuire


Sam McGuire (Father)
Jo McGuire (Mother)
Lizzie McGuire (Sister)

First Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Jake Thomas

Matthew "Matt" McGuire was Lizzie's younger brother. 


He is portrayed as a scheming, witty, cheeky young prankster who goes to extreme lengths to continuously annoy and irritate his older sister Lizzie, and sometimes his mum and dad. At school, he is known to be the stereotype of the class clown. He is shown to be lazy, and, although he does have many potential talents, he doesn't use them much.

He has a best friend named Lanny Onasis, who did not speak on-screen, but Matt was able to understand him anyway. Matt is also being menaced by a bully named Haywood Biggs. Matt is clever, wily and has a reputation for getting into trouble. Matt and Lizzie shared a typical brother-sister relationship. They fooled around and annoyed each other, but were always there for each other at the end of each episode. Matt is also rather intelligent and creative, and knows how to humour people.