Miranda Sanchez
Miranda Sanchez

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Lizzie McGuire


Miranda Isabella Sanchez


Eduardo Sanchez (Father)
Daniela Sanchez (Mother)
Stevie Sanchez (Sister)

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Miranda Isabella Sanchez is a fictional character from the Disney Channel TV series Lizzie McGuire. Miranda is played by Lalaine.


It is stated in many episodes that Miranda and her family are from Mexico and they follow all its cultures and holidays. The Halloween episode shows her family celebrating The Day Of The Dead. She also knows some Spanish when the gang attempt to go on a Spanish game show, but not enough to be very helpful.

She is shown babysitting a baby sister in one episode; this is the only sibling she is portrayed as having in the series. Miranda also plays the violin.

Near the end of the series, Miranda appeared less in the show, although she appeared in the final episode. She was, however absent from The Lizzie McGuire Movie which went to theaters in 2003.

Her absence in The Lizzie McGuire Movie was due to her vacationing in Mexico.